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I highly recommend Lyle Blum Tree Service. I had many trees pruned, and several dead or leaning trees removed. Lyle and his crew were professional, efficient and clearly knew what they were doing. They were exactly on time, did exactly what I asked for, and cleaned up perfectly. And the cost was reasonable. I will not hesitate to use them in the future!

Marcia Thomas

Two seasons ago, Lyle trimmed my Princess Powlina tree; I wanted to let you know it has bloomed beautifully this year. The tree is full of blossoms and is so symmetrical after his trimming. Thanks so much; it looks beautiful.

Mary Lou Brososky

I had Lyle Blum Tree Service come and remove several evergreen trees because of over crowding. I have used Lyle's service since he started because he is a hard working young man and does a good job. Lyle did a nice job for me! Nice work guys!!!

Carol Buttignol

Lyle did the following work for me in January 2012:
1. Felled a large split oak tree and cut into 18 inch lengths - Estimated height of tree 60 feet.
2. Felled an Ash tree that was dead and cut into 18 inch lengths - 40 feet high.
3 Made a dead tree that had fallen in a storm into woodland safe.
4. Ground the Stump of the large oak tree aprox 18inches below the surface.
Note as agreed, he left me to dispose of the wood, this kept costs competitive.
The wood and brush was stacked into piles where appropriate.

He turned up on time to quote the work. He communicated any delays on the job promptly and professionally, this was due to bad weather. I felt comfortable enough through the prior work he had done for me that I did not need to be present to supervise his work.

I would recommend Lyle for any tree services large or small. He has done numerous jobs for me over the last 6 years, both large and small. He has removed large tree limbs that over hung my house, and made tree limbs that have fallen in storms safe.

Graham Byrne

Our experience with Lyle Blum Tree Service was exceptional. While working through the initial estimate, Lyle was very knowledgeable about the tree work that needed to be done in such close proximity to our home and offered expert advise on the trees that we wanted to save on our property. He was patient when explaining the health of each tree and how to care for and maintain them. While his services include insect and disease control for trees and shrubs, he was very honest in assessing that our trees were in good health and advised us on what to keep an eye on going forward.

The quote that I received was 1/2 that of any other service that had quoted the work. The day of our service, Lyle and his assistant arrived punctually early that morning and began working immediately, stopping only briefly for lunch.

They were professional and mannerly and most importantly paid extra close attention to the safety of our small children as well as our home.

Once the tree work was completed all debris was cleared and our yard was left exactly how they found it (minus a few trees). The entire job was completed in the time frame that was anticipated and we were charged exactly what we were quoted, even though some of the work was more involved and extensive than what was originally thought. I would absolutely recommend Lyle Blum Tree Service to anyone needing help with their trees!

Megan Haught

I contacted Lyle with no prior work history with him, (My former tree climber retired). He returned my call within 24 hours, and I met him for an estimate within two days.

He informed me that he didn't work weekends so he could be with his kids. I respect that!

He also looked at some work that my neighbor needed done. We hired him within two weeks of the estimate. He removed large branches from three oaks that threatened my house and the neighbors fence without any damage. He also pruned an oak that shaded my deck... also with no damage to the roof or the deck.

Lyle was punctual, and I was very pleased with his work. He cleared a path for me to get to my garage even though this was not part of the job. His job was to drop the tree/branches only. The customer is responsible for the clean-up as was made quite clear to me during the estimate. If you need a professional Tree Climber and you have the means to clean-up the debris, I highly recommend Lyle.

The price was right, and when you meet him, you'll know he's the man for the job.

Lee A Wilson

I called Lyle on Monday and he was promptly at my house (on time) for our following Friday appointment.

I have 2 problem trees, one I hoped to save and one I wondered how long it could safely survive. He spent an hour looking at my trees, explaining options, answering questions and providing a clear and itemized estimate. His prices seemed reasonable and were less than a previous company that I'd used last year.

He said he's been in this business for 20 years. He is also an arborist, which was needed since one of my trees has a birch boring disease and requires more specialized care.

Anyway, I'm still deciding whether to sink the money into saving the tree or cutting it down. It's a hard decision because cutting it down is cheaper. In any case, I’ll use Lyle when I make my decision. He even made a follow up call the next week.

I was very satisfied with his service and am glad he is in business.

Dyann Panepinto

I was referred by a trusted friend to use Lyle Blum LLC for some tree work I needed. He was knowledgeable and offered a great solution and a fair price to trim low hanging limbs and dead limbs. I had low hanging limbs that needed trimmed. He also removed some dead limbs on another tree for no extra cost!! I felt wonderful when the service was completed! I can mow the lawn without ducking under low limbs!!

I am a repeat costumer of Lyle Blum Tree Service. He also removed a huge tree that had fallen on our deck (and destroyed it.) He came the following day to remove the debris.

Lyle is trustworthy and dependable - not like other services that never even return my calls. I would recommend him again and again.

Megan McCoy

Lyle Blum Tree Service cut down two large trees in my yard. This was a huge help because one of the trees was dying and we had fear that it would fall on to our neighbor’s house. I was completely satisfied with all the work Lyle and this crew did.

Lyle and his crew were very professional and did a wonderful (and safe) job. They left my yard in pristine condition. I would highly recommend him and his crew to ANYONE! I will use Lyle Blum Tree Service for all of my future tree needs at my house.

Beth Kunzler

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